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LAFD Candidate Assistance Program




One of the biggest challenges faced by LAFD firefighter recruits is developing the strength and fitness required to be successful in the LAFD Training Academy. The Los Angeles Fire Department is offering the Candidate Assistance Program (CAP), a physical fitness program designed by firefighters for firefighters. It is focused on developing both strength and metabolic conditioning in a similar training environment to that found in the LAFD's fire academy.


All Must be 18 years or older - Enter the LAFD Fire Academy in the best shape of your life. - Learn what to expect at the academy both physically and mentally. - Get to know active LAFD officers and firefighters involved in the program. - Build a network with other firefighter candidates for support and encouragement. - Build confidence and physical fitness that will carry you through to a successful career with the LAFD.


Your personal success as a firefighter for the LAFD depends heavily on the work you put in BEFORE you arrive at the Drill Tower. We STRONGLY encourage all LAFD candiates to take advantage of this FREE program. ***Dress Code "Dark Blue" exercise shorts/pants, short sleeve t-shirt (no tank or crop tops) , Dark athletic shoes, no loose or restrictive jewelry, bring a firm foam roller and water.


Valley Recruit Training Academy - Drill Tower 81

Arminta Street , 14345 - Los Angeles CA

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LAFD Firefighter Recruitment Section

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