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The Yard Barbell Classic II




**2018 USS Nationals Qualifier!** ** USS Membership is required to compete**


Teen Girls​ Novice LW Women (148)​)​ Novice HW Women (148+)​ LW Women (123/132)​ MW Women (148/165)​ HW Women (181/198)​ SHW Women (242/242+) Masters Women Teen Boys Novice LW Men (220) Novice HW Men (221+) LW Men (165/181) MW Men (198/220) HW Men (242/275) ​SHW Men (308/308+) Masters Men


Max Yoke x25’ Keg Ladder Monty Frame Hold Fingal Fingers Stones Load RULES: Yoke: ​-25 feet ​-30 second time limit -Front facing at all times ​-No sliding – you will receive a penalty ​-Entire yoke must be over the line to count ​-Carried on athletes back at all times ​-Unlimited drops are allowed ​-Tie breaker- fastest time ​ALLOWED: Belts, wraps, sleeves ​NOT ALLOWED: Tacky, suites, gloves, straps Keg Ladder: ​-Athlete must have arms and knees locked, head through and keg above ​head. ​-Must wait for the down/good command before moving to the next keg ​-No resting on top of the head ​-No resting on the belt ​-Do not drop overhead ​-Control the down ​-Keg must start and end standing up ​ALLOWED: Belts, wraps, sleeves, grip shirts ​NOT ALLOWED: Built up belts, gloves, suites, straps and ​tacky Monty Frame Hold: ​-Once you drop the frame, time stops ​-Must have feet, shoulder width apart, no staggering at anytime ​ALLOWED: Belts, wraps, sleeves ​NOT ALLOWED: Straps, tacky, suits and gloves Fingers: ​-As many flips in 60” as possible ​-Once you pick, the tire will be removed, if you need to put the finger ​back down, you must re-pick from the ground ​ALLOWED: Belts, gloves, sleeves, grip shirts, wraps ​NOT ALLOWED: Built up belts, tacky Stone Load: ​-Hands must start on the platform with palms facing up ​-Stone must stay on the platform; if it rolls off, athlete must do it again ​-Load the stones as fast as you can ​ALLOWED: Tacky, belts, gloves, sleeves, wraps, grip ​shirts ​NOT ALLOWED: Straps


NEPA CrossFit

Courtright Street , 178 - Wilkes-Barre PA


Organizado por:

Mike Rusonis

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PinSports Staff

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