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The Iron Clash




Are you a CrossFit athlete looking to compete at a local level while having fun? Whether you're new to the competition scene or a seasoned athlete, The Iron Clash is a perfect competition designed for those who want to test their foundational fitness skills! The Iron Clash is the ONLY local sport of fitness competition in Fayetteville, NC and surrounding areas. Hosted annually by Iron Forged Athletics, The 5th annual Iron Clash is powered by Fleet Feet Runner's Spot and will be held October 7 & 8, 2017. The two-day competition will host both individuals and 2-person teams alike. Register now for the premier local fitness competition designed to test your skills at every level! RX, Scaled and Masters divisions available.


Individual: Men Rx Women Rx Men SX Women SX Masters Men 40+ Masters Women 40+ Partner: Teams RX -M/M, F/F, M/F Teams SX- M/M, F/F, M/F


RX Divisions: Completed all 2017 Open WODs Rx and/or Rx'ing a majority of daily WODs and you should be fine Olympic lifts (75-135 /135-205 Snatch and 135-185/ 185-255 C&J) Barbell Loaded Movements primarily used in the Open, Benchmark/Hero WODs, etc. (95-205 / 155-275) Box Jumps @ 30/24'' KB work with 32/24kg Toes-to-bar Pull-ups Handstand Push-ups Handstand Walks (Master will NOT have worry about these) Double Unders Pistols (are not a required element but are a benefit to have in your pocket) Muscle-ups ( are not a required element but are a benefit to have in your pocket) Rope Climbs Running / Rowing / Assault Bike / Ski Erg Scaled Divisions: Completed 2/5 Open Workouts Rx, new to competitions and/or modifies some movement in daily WODs Olympic Lifts (55-115 / 75-155 Snatch and 75-135 / 135-205 C&J) Barbell Loaded Movements primarily used in Crossfit Benchmark WODs ( 55-95 / 75-135) Box Jumps or Step ups @ 24/20'' KB work with 24/16kg Knee to elbows or hanging knee raises Pull-ups or Ring rows Wall-Balls Wall-Walks Push-ups Air Squats Burpees Single Unders Running / Rowing / Assault Bike / Ski Erg


Iron Forged Athletics

Winslow Street , 385 - Fayetteville NC


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Iron Forged Athletics

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