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D-Town Grand Prix 2017




This is a SINGLE ELIMINATION functional fitness male/female team competition. The BRACKET STYLE field will be throwing down in heats that pit 2 teams at a time against each other. The winner moves on, the loser does not. The winning teams will advance through the rounds on their way to the finals and that GRAND PRIZE.


Teams of 2 - Men / Women We will be averaging your most recent CrossFit OPEN worldwide ranking together to use for ranking purposes. If only one partner has a ranking, that team will be seeded behind teams with ranking from both partners. Teams with no OPEN rankings will be seeded on a first come, first served basis after teams with one ranking.


Once a team is eliminated, they will be able to enter the floater bracket. There will be three floaters workouts open all day to eliminated teams. The top score in each of the three floaters at the end of the day will payout $250. There is no leaderboard, no point system, no second chances. Every heat will be only two teams, head-to-head. The winner is decided at the end of the heat, on the spot. Each round will feature a different workout. These workouts will not be biased towards any type of athlete. All will be balanced, and favor the prepared, well rounded, mentally tough team with the greatest desire to beat their opponent across the floor...the one trying to send them home.


D-Town CrossFit

Parkhouse Street , 155 - Dallas TX


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D-Town CrossFit

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