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9th Annual 2017 Heart of America Competition




The Heart Of America Affiliate Team Competition is an opportunity for CrossFit affiliate teams to represent, train, and compete together in the off-season in an effort to stay sharp for next year's CrossFit Games season. And, it's your opportunity to see some of the region's up-and-coming athletes compete!


Divisions Teams must be comprised of 4 members: 2 Men and 2 Women. All 4 athletes will not be required to be from the same gym. Team Captains (or whomever registers your team) will still be prompted to input an gym/affiliate that the team is representing based on their own discretion or on the amount of athletes on the team from a particular box. Fitness is cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. At The 2017 Heart of America Team Competition presented by JUNK | 1st Phorm, every team – regardless of division – will be collectively tested in each of these 10 domains. Here’s our best piece of advice: Train accordingly:) HOA will not be releasing a checklist of movements, modalities, and loads to practice and prepare for. We believe that if you are training regularly and participating at a box with coaches and ownership who subscribe to, encourage, and incorporate performing constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity across broad time and modal domains then you, along with the guidance of those who comprise your gym’s leadership team, are already more than well-equipped to assess your current skill level and ability. Adhere to the aforementioned training method, work hard, attack your weaknesses and you will be good to go this September 29th-October 1st. Prescribed & Scaled Divisions All Athletes must be over the age of 16 as of 9/29/2017 Athletes under 18 years of age will required a minor waiver signed by a legal guardian. Masters Division All athletes must be age 40+


Master’s Division Registration will open on Friday, June 23th Scaled Division Registration will open on Saturday, June 24th RX’d Division Registration will open on Sunday, June 25th


CrossFit Springfield

West Sunset Street , 1900 - Springfield MO


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Jeremy Mhire

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PinSports Staff

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