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Beast of Berlin




Weekend for all Attendees, Competitors, Spectators and Vendors alike. Having been to numerous Competitions ourselves we have collected all the Good and the Bad Experience to create the ultimate Event Ourselves. We have partnered with the Best Judges Team available with International Experience to ensure a smooth Competiton with fair Judgement. The Event will take place in a very unique Location with a Live DJ, various Food Vendors and exiting Competitions Inside and Outside. There will be two levels for the spectators to watch the Competition floor as close as you can get without actually participating themselves.


There will be 3 Divisions competing that Weekend Elite – 16 to 35 – 40 Male and 40 Female Athletes Master – 35 to 45 – 20 Male and 20 Female Athletes Master+ – 45 and up – 20 Male and 20 Female Athletes For a total of 160 Athletes. In Addition to that we will have one Workout for a special scaled Division each day to open the Floor for the Athletes who are not quite ready yet but still want to compete. This is just for fun and will not be its own division to take away from the actual Competition.


We have managed to get the best Equipment available to secure safety for the Athletes and ensure a wide variety of Workouts. We aim to concentrate on classic Functional Movements to have a true test of Fitness. We have room for 1500+ Spectators who will spend their days at the Event, watching the competition, visiting the vendors trying the Gear and simply hanging out in our Lounge Areas.



- Berlim Berlim


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Beast of Berlin

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