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Tribal Clash UK 2017




Tribal Clash is Europe's premier team fitness competition, originated on Blackpool Sands beach in Devon, UK. Tribal Clash competitions are always held outdoors on a beach. Teams of 6 athletes (3 men and 3 women) are put through two days of timed and tactical physical challenges which require fitness as well as good teamwork.


Tribal Clash is for everyone. It is not a beginners’ competition, but it is excellent for beginners. Tribal Clash is inclusive because there are very few technical movements that would stop a team from progressing. The programming utilises basic primal movements – running, carrying, dragging, lifting or swimming. There are no heavy barbell snatches or double unders to trip a beginner. There is no olympic weightlifting, in fact there are no barbells at all at Tribal Clash. Many teams come to Tribal Clash to soak in the unique atmosphere, to have fun on the beach, and they don’t care where they place on the leaderboard. We do consider getting yourself up and over a beam a basic human skill, therefore up and overs have been programmed every year. Ultimately Tribal Clash is a competition to find the fittest team, and competition by nature is a test. The fittest teams have six strong athletes that can deal with anything we throw at them. The leaderboard at the end of Day 2 will reflect each team’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. We welcome all tribes from all fitness and sporting backgrounds who think they have what it takes and who want to rise to the challenge. Tribal Clash is not exclusively for CrossFit athletes or affiliates. We believe that the best way to train for Tribal Clash is CrossFit-style training. Tribal Clash is an electrifying fusion of CrossFit, obstacle racing and adventure racing, so the best teams have athletes that are well rounded and not averse to running or swimming.


Tribal Clash is a beach festival. The entire competition is outdoors. The teams compete in several separate and varied events during the weekend, which are all kept secret until the competition. The teams have to come prepared for anything and everything – we like surprises. Most events take place on the Arena constructed on the beach, some events take the athletes to the water, and some events take them to the trails surrounding the beach.



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