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2017 BMX Australia National Championships




BMX Australia is proud to present The 2017 BMX National Championships, The Championships will be held for the third time at Brisbane's Sleeman Centre in Queensland. The National Championships will be held Monday 24 April to Sunday 30th April 2017.


Men / Women


The schedule for the 2017 BMX Australia National Championships has been released, with events taking place from Monday April 24 to Saturday April 29, with Sunday April 30 marked as a reserve day at the Sleeman Sports Complex, Brisbane. While the Monday and Tuesday are marked off for registration and practice sessions, Wednesday April 26 will see the first lot of race action with the final round of the Grands Assault kicking it up a gear in the evening. From Thursday April 27 the national championships will begin in earnest with cruisers, sprockets and retro competitors getting their chance on the track. Come Friday a whole host of age groups ride for national plates. At this point in time the final racing blocks on Friday April 28 are yet to be determined. These will be finalised once all entries have been received. The final information of who races in each block will be distributed in the rider briefing closer to the event. Saturday April 29 will see 14-16 year old athletes as well as 17-29 and those over 30 on track. The day will also see the heavy hitters in the junior elite and elite classes steal the start gate and put on a show as they, like all other riders in Brisbane fight for a place on the Australian team for the 2017 world championships.


Sleeman Sports Complex

Old Cleveland Road - Chandler QLD

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