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Cougar Zone 1st Annual 3on3 Basketball Tournament




Get your team together... It's time to register for Cougar Zone 1st Annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Win Awards and Prizes! Registration fee for Adult, Adult Elite, Varsity and Jr Varsity is $100 per team Registration fee for 7th and 8th Grader Division 1 and 2 is $80 per team Event is sponsored by Christopher High School Athletic Booster Club


WOMEN & MEN CATEGORIES: Adult - Elite Adult Varsity Junior Varsity 7th & 8th Grade - D1 7th & 8th Grade - D2 Awards: Adult and Adult Elite: 1st place team in each division will receive a monetary award of $250 2nd place team in each division will receive a gift basket valued at $100 Jr Varsity, Varsity and High School: 1st place team in each division will receive medals


Rules & Regulations: • Sunday, August 5th from 10 am to 7 pm at Christopher HS in Gilroy • Early Entry fee: $80 per team (Jr High) $100 per team (Jr Varsity, Varsity, Adult Divisions) to be paid upon registration. Fee increase on June 1st, 2018 $100 per team (Jr High) $120 per team (Jr Varsity, Varsity, Adult Divisions) to be paid upon registration. • Entry deadline: July 15th, 2018 or until the bracket is filled, whichever occurs first. • Team size shall be three players and one alternate/sub player (recommended that you have a sub). • One-day tournament format. • No refunds will be awarded. • Fourteen (14) Divisions • Team check-in at 9:00 am • Games to begin at 10:00 a.m. • Brackets will be revealed at the time of check-in. • Each team can have a maximum of four players and two players must be present to avoid disqualification. • Each player can only play on one team for the length of the tournament. • Your team will be placed in the age category of the oldest player. • Players, please read over the entry and liability and waiver form. • Participants under the age of 18 must have a signature of parent or legal guardian. • Games will be played to 21 and teams must win by two or first to 21. The games will be by one’s and two’s. If the clock expires and team hasn’t reached the needed points, the team with the most points wins. If it’s a tie, free throws will determine the winner. • Each team gets one 45-second timeout per game. The clock can only be stopped in the last minute or referee’s discretion. • The team at the top of the bracket gets the ball first. • After any dead ball, made basket, or change of possession, the ball must be taken back beyond the 3-point line (take-back area). The offensive player must pass the ball into play if it’s after a dead ball. • Top of the backboard is out of bounds. • Substitutions can be made at any dead ball with the approval of the referee. • All decisions made by referees are FINAL. • Any non-shooting foul will result in ball being checked up at the take-back line. • Any shooting fouls inside the 3-point line will result in one free throw and shooting fouls outside the three-point line will result in two free throws. • On the fifth team foul, the opposing team gets one free throw. Fouls before that result in that team keeping possession of the ball. • Any flagrant or technical foul will result in two free throws and possession to the offended team. • Referees have the ability to bench players for disciplinary reasons (language, disrespect to referees or player, etc.). That player will set out until the opposing team scores two points. They also have the ability to eject players for continual misbehavior. Thank you for your participation!


Christopher High School

Day Road , 850 - Gilroy CA


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Christopher High School Athletic Booster Club

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